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And I was said to prattle. I've not seen anything but in the past few hours. Did you all suddenly find something to suddenly talk about? Not that your threats are anything but the usual. And, seeing as we are all talking about mostly nothing, here, I have poetry for you. Per request, of course. Not quite as fluid as yours Louis, but then again I don't have a brat by my side either.

[He's singing "Out There" from Hunchback of Notre Dame. C:]

Safe behind these windows and these parapets of stone )

And Lestat, I don't think I've told you today yet, but I love you. So deeply and fiercely like an untamed stallion and I long only to be by your beautiful side.

(ooc: Mirror!Armand is even more trouncy and campy than usual and saved Lestat, dying in the sun instead of him. D'aw. Also, he's most likely made the offer to sing anything for anyone as well as allowed other vampires to feed from him.)


Dec. 31st, 2009 05:58 pm
whisperslow: (I see your dickery and raise you three.)
If I'm not mistaken, the new year comes this evening. Would anyone care to celebrate with me? Perhaps you Lestat? My room isn't too large in itself but I would care to see the rest of the Barge sometime soon. Alexander, do you have any plans for this evening?

Or perhaps I should give a recital. My voice is something to be heard if I do say so myself.

As for all of you who doubted me, I am yet unpaired because I have no need to be redeemed. And I think continuing to question my esteemed mannerisms would be a mistake on your part.

Privates: Cobra Commander, Lestat )


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