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[Armand sat in his room, a book perched in his hands as he read. It felt good to be immortal again, to be whole, to be a vampire again. It was almost strange to feel so normal, but it was a welcome break from digging through his memories or worrying about being killed by every little thing. Still, he felt something of a distance growing between himself and Rex and he didn't know why exactly it was happening. He glanced over at his snake when it hissed at the corpse of the dead mouse the vampire had put in there earlier.

Needless to say, things were more on the mundane side, but Armand had felt something strange in the pit of his chest, and he had a very sudden urge to see his warden.]
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Another example of truly mortal gestures. Falling victim to the Barge as usual.

[Private to Rex]

My warden is asleep.

[Private to Jason Bourne]

Claire is in the Infirmary, former warden.

[Private to Harper]

[A LONG PAUSE.] I am in need of a temporary warden.

016 [Text]

Oct. 21st, 2010 11:38 am
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[Guess who's just been lurking around the Barge, being a creep? Yeap, this guy right here. His handwriting is quite neat and well-arranged without unnecessary ornamentation.]

The Barge has been so full of strife for you mortals recently. Unnecessary strife, but none see it as it is. The advantage of an immortal over all of you. You shall all suffer and die time and time again.

[Private to Rex]

I have not seen you as of late. I demand a meeting.

[Private to Claire]

You seem to have been chosen as my warden. I have no intentions of doing anything for you, mortal.

(ooc: I will do my best to reply to all his tags. I know his activity's been really shoddy recently and I'm going to work on improving it.)


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