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[A very feminine, but lower alto (and quite irritated) voice first comes on:] Oh this is---

[Before it cuts off and Armand presses a different button so she's staring down at the device. Viewers can only really see her face and the top of her blouse for now. Behind her is a series of easels in the art studio her counterpart teaches at.]

Where is that idiot Gabriel.

[Because the last time Armand was a laaady, Gabriel made him so after Armand showed off just a little too much.]

[Private to Rex/Louis (and anyone who's seen him as a woman in the past)]

[Armand leans away from the camera a little, revealing her not-Armandly attire. She's very clearly pouting and not pleased one bit.]

I do not suppose either of you have escaped this dreadful fate.

(ooc: Spam is also available for anyone who would be in art class or know her. <3)
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[Armand's busy in the library, pacing and otherwise, not at all looking like his usual creepy, arrogant self. Drinking from Neil had left him with a shaky hold on his memory and reality; he needed something to root him to this place, this dimension. More than anything, he didn't want to think about those memories that had been scraped up by the experience, he wanted to leave them be. But he couldn't shake the burning of anxiety in his stomach, such a foreign feeling to him.

Scaling the shelves, the vampire searched for something to distract himself with. After all, stalking and killing people weren't his only hobbies. Certainly the ones he enjoyed the most, but not the only ones. Great tales of kings and lords also fascinated him and his ego. As he pulled down a tome, he pulled back the cover to peruse the table of contents. When he found nothing interesting, he repeated this process in vain.]
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My name is Armand, not Andrei.

[Private to Rex]

I need your company. Now. Or I will come seek you.

[Private to Louis]

You, especially, will only refer to me as Armand.


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