whisperslow: (You're shitting me.)
[Armand sat in his room, a book perched in his hands as he read. It felt good to be immortal again, to be whole, to be a vampire again. It was almost strange to feel so normal, but it was a welcome break from digging through his memories or worrying about being killed by every little thing. Still, he felt something of a distance growing between himself and Rex and he didn't know why exactly it was happening. He glanced over at his snake when it hissed at the corpse of the dead mouse the vampire had put in there earlier.

Needless to say, things were more on the mundane side, but Armand had felt something strange in the pit of his chest, and he had a very sudden urge to see his warden.]
whisperslow: (This guilty stuff is new. I hate it.)
I must admit something to you. About my blood.

It is addictive to mortals. Far more addictive than any substance I have seen in my three-hundred-forty years. When I returned to this wretched place---

[There's several things scratched through here. Some are somewhat legible, most of them aren't. Legible words would include "need."]

My first offer to give it to you was not of any noble intention. And I knew that you would become mine again. My pet, my slave. I turned you, you were mine.

I have spent these last months confused h confused un "confused," as you mortals would put it. I turned you and that was my error. You came freely to me after my time as a child and you did not take advantage.

When I freed you from that room within a room, I gave you my blood with only the intention to save you. By now it is likely, though, impossible to prove this to you. Your warden

I do not expect to be believed.
whisperslow: (Hey coven where're you going?)
[Armand doesn't like being blackmailed, but what he doesn't like more is having what he believes to be his property messed with. The whole matter with the Joker earlier that night left a bad taste in his mouth. More than a bad taste. And that's what surprised him the most of the whole matter. He certainly didn't care that two people had been killed but on the same token, he had no desire to go taunt them after their deaths like he usually would. There was no pride to be taken in their deaths.

Instead, he was busy putting his senses to as full as he could manage them, stalking through the hallways looking for Rex. The Joker had said that he was out of sight, out of mind, somewhere. The ventilator was clutched tight in his hands as he went, fervently trying to pick up the scientist's scent.

And then, there it was. The heartbeat, the smell, it was his child. The vampire cared little that the doors were unlocked and that there was a strange sort of room inside the room. He threw open the door, an actual expression of concern on his face as he did so.]


[But before saying anything else, he held out the ventilator.]

017 [Voice]

Nov. 8th, 2010 09:51 am
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[The creep rears his head again! He sounds pretty calm, considering the past week or so.]

The apples all ripen at the same time. Then fall to the ground, dead.


[Private to Rex]

The library. Or your room. Now.

(ooc: Also, he's likely been stalking around the Barge looking for some natural prey. So if at some point someone's wiling to have their character get drained (but not quite killed), just lemme know. <3)
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I am requesting a new warden.

(ooc: Ros, I'm assuming that Rex is gonna tell Armand in the spam. Derp, sorry for being so slow. Again, Alex, sorry.)


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