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What an eventful week this has been. The joys of being immortal know no bounds.

[Private to Rex]

It is completely gone. My strength. I believe I am human. [Pause.] What are things mortals usually do?
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Another example of truly mortal gestures. Falling victim to the Barge as usual.

[Private to Rex]

My warden is asleep.

[Private to Jason Bourne]

Claire is in the Infirmary, former warden.

[Private to Harper]

[A LONG PAUSE.] I am in need of a temporary warden.

016 [Text]

Oct. 21st, 2010 11:38 am
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[Guess who's just been lurking around the Barge, being a creep? Yeap, this guy right here. His handwriting is quite neat and well-arranged without unnecessary ornamentation.]

The Barge has been so full of strife for you mortals recently. Unnecessary strife, but none see it as it is. The advantage of an immortal over all of you. You shall all suffer and die time and time again.

[Private to Rex]

I have not seen you as of late. I demand a meeting.

[Private to Claire]

You seem to have been chosen as my warden. I have no intentions of doing anything for you, mortal.

(ooc: I will do my best to reply to all his tags. I know his activity's been really shoddy recently and I'm going to work on improving it.)
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Oh what a beautiful moment, a splendid and beautiful moment this is.

[There's a pause for dark, creepy way too pleased laughter.]

You all smell so full and so complacent, but be assured that this will all change. Strip yourselves of your confidence and dash; I can already feel your fear.

[And then, of course:] Oh Rex, I believe we have an unfinished conversation.

(ooc: Should someone want to spam him, he's in 19th-century clothing and generally saunters like his hips don't lie. He's hard to miss. :/)
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[Oh guess who just woke up. That's right. Armand. Everyone's favorite dick. He's pissed.]


[The vampire sits up in his bed and immediately looks around for the inmate in question. The last thing he remembers is tearing into the Commander's neck and then something being emptied into his veins. He snatched his journal up from where it sat at his bedside and did his best to somewhat lopsidedly stand up, trying to focus his vision on finding his killer. He doesn't even remember being this mad when he was killed by Lestat or Louis.]

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Oh so now that the Admiral has taken away our supply of blood, we are but animals? We do not need your redemption for we are the superior beings and we have no need for mortal desires.

And we will prove ourselves when we feast on your blood while you scramble about like frightened things, for you only make it easier with your dissension. While I have no need for blood every day, as I am truly even more powerful than my fellow creatures of the night, there are those of us who do and you would do wise to satiate them before they become too hungry. For it is that hunger that leads us to the hunt.

[Private to Louis and Claudia]

Hungry? Not even a drop for you today?

[Private to his previous victims, same list as before]

I had no need for their bottled blood anyway, I prefer living blood. And if I am not fed, I will hunt.
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With everything happening so quickly, it makes one enjoy the isolated life ever more. This place is so very exciting.

And my dear warden, Jason, we have yet to speak.

[Vampire Filter]

I believe we should have another meeting. As to how to manage our situation. I can't be the only one who's hungry.

ADDED LATER: [Private to Tony]

I have heard your name as someone who would willingly allow a vampire to drink from you.
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It seems that I have come out completely unscathed by events of this past week. Your moans and apologies are useless and ineffective.

My room is open for all those who wish to speak to a superior being a compassionate soul. I will welcome you with open arms.

Privates: Armand St. Just, Cobra Commander, Louis )

[SONG! At Cobra Commander's request, Armand is singing "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. He's a good singer, but by no means perfect.]

At first I was afraid I was petrified. )

(ooc: This is Armand's effort to recruit people to his cool people club. So, he'll probably listen to you for a little but before getting bored. Also, when he's upset or insecure, he trolls. So, trolling. He was burned alive with Lestat and has already left the Infirmary.)


Dec. 26th, 2009 12:52 am
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From what I have gathered, I've come just in time for Christmas. What would you like my dear Lestat?

And that I am surrounded my mortals. I think you should know who you're dealing with. I am Armand a centuries-old vampire and I don't take kindly to having holes punched in my wall. I am easily stronger and faster than you and I won't be bother by your insignificance, unless you plan on worshiping me.

But, I suppose holiday greetings are in order.

Merry Christmas.


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