whisperslow: (You're shitting me.)
I believe that Rex should be allowed to ---

[And then he's silent and Armand's room is mysteriously empty, completely so. Not even one of his skeevy vests remain after six months of his presence.]
whisperslow: (Foot in mouth moment.)
My name is Armand, not Andrei.

[Private to Rex]

I need your company. Now. Or I will come seek you.

[Private to Louis]

You, especially, will only refer to me as Armand.
whisperslow: (That sun shit sucks.)
I am requesting a new warden.

(ooc: Ros, I'm assuming that Rex is gonna tell Armand in the spam. Derp, sorry for being so slow. Again, Alex, sorry.)
whisperslow: (The dark laws must be obeyed.)
[Oh guess who just woke up. That's right. Armand. Everyone's favorite dick. He's pissed.]


[The vampire sits up in his bed and immediately looks around for the inmate in question. The last thing he remembers is tearing into the Commander's neck and then something being emptied into his veins. He snatched his journal up from where it sat at his bedside and did his best to somewhat lopsidedly stand up, trying to focus his vision on finding his killer. He doesn't even remember being this mad when he was killed by Lestat or Louis.]

whisperslow: (You're shitting me.)
It seems there are few left who have been unaffected by as I stand as an immortal, this flood has not touched me in the slightest. I am not entirely surprised as I am much stronger than you mortal masses and even my warden. The Admiral knows well to not touch me.

[Private to his previous victims: Louis de Point du Lac, Alexander, Armand St. Just, Rex, and 11-12]

I thirst. And you would do well to satiate this.
whisperslow: (So what?)
It seems that I have come out completely unscathed by events of this past week. Your moans and apologies are useless and ineffective.

My room is open for all those who wish to speak to a superior being a compassionate soul. I will welcome you with open arms.

Privates: Armand St. Just, Cobra Commander, Louis )

[SONG! At Cobra Commander's request, Armand is singing "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. He's a good singer, but by no means perfect.]

At first I was afraid I was petrified. )

(ooc: This is Armand's effort to recruit people to his cool people club. So, he'll probably listen to you for a little but before getting bored. Also, when he's upset or insecure, he trolls. So, trolling. He was burned alive with Lestat and has already left the Infirmary.)


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