017 [Voice]

Nov. 8th, 2010 09:51 am
whisperslow: (Lemme tell you how stupid you are.)
[The creep rears his head again! He sounds pretty calm, considering the past week or so.]

The apples all ripen at the same time. Then fall to the ground, dead.


[Private to Rex]

The library. Or your room. Now.

(ooc: Also, he's likely been stalking around the Barge looking for some natural prey. So if at some point someone's wiling to have their character get drained (but not quite killed), just lemme know. <3)

016 [Text]

Oct. 21st, 2010 11:38 am
whisperslow: (Well shit son.)
[Guess who's just been lurking around the Barge, being a creep? Yeap, this guy right here. His handwriting is quite neat and well-arranged without unnecessary ornamentation.]

The Barge has been so full of strife for you mortals recently. Unnecessary strife, but none see it as it is. The advantage of an immortal over all of you. You shall all suffer and die time and time again.

[Private to Rex]

I have not seen you as of late. I demand a meeting.

[Private to Claire]

You seem to have been chosen as my warden. I have no intentions of doing anything for you, mortal.

(ooc: I will do my best to reply to all his tags. I know his activity's been really shoddy recently and I'm going to work on improving it.)
whisperslow: (Foot in mouth moment.)
[Armand's busy in the library, pacing and otherwise, not at all looking like his usual creepy, arrogant self. Drinking from Neil had left him with a shaky hold on his memory and reality; he needed something to root him to this place, this dimension. More than anything, he didn't want to think about those memories that had been scraped up by the experience, he wanted to leave them be. But he couldn't shake the burning of anxiety in his stomach, such a foreign feeling to him.

Scaling the shelves, the vampire searched for something to distract himself with. After all, stalking and killing people weren't his only hobbies. Certainly the ones he enjoyed the most, but not the only ones. Great tales of kings and lords also fascinated him and his ego. As he pulled down a tome, he pulled back the cover to peruse the table of contents. When he found nothing interesting, he repeated this process in vain.]
whisperslow: (Lemme tell you how stupid you are.)
[Armand begins slowly:]

Please find your place )

[And he gives a dark chuckle following it.]


Dec. 31st, 2009 05:58 pm
whisperslow: (I see your dickery and raise you three.)
If I'm not mistaken, the new year comes this evening. Would anyone care to celebrate with me? Perhaps you Lestat? My room isn't too large in itself but I would care to see the rest of the Barge sometime soon. Alexander, do you have any plans for this evening?

Or perhaps I should give a recital. My voice is something to be heard if I do say so myself.

As for all of you who doubted me, I am yet unpaired because I have no need to be redeemed. And I think continuing to question my esteemed mannerisms would be a mistake on your part.

Privates: Cobra Commander, Lestat )


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