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Birthdate:Apr 20

Name: AndreiAmadeo Armand
Age: 340
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Build: Muscular, but a little on the stocky side
Nationality: Russian, Italian, and later French (but born in Russia)
Distinguishing Marks: A few scars from his experiences in a Venetian brothel
Nicknames/Aliases: Andrei, Amadeo

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, if it has legs he's willing to try it.
Marital Status: A love/hate thing with Rex Lewis/Cobra Commander. Mostly love nowadays.

Has drank from: Lestat de Lioncourt, Louis de Point du Lac, JD "Alexander" Dean, Armand St. Just, Tony Foster, Rex Lewis/Cobra Commander, 11-12, Sgt. Neil Howie, Danny Archer, Karrin Murphy, Baby Firefly, 47, Bruce Banner, Neil McCormick, Prefect

Sexual conquests: Louis de Point du Lac, Lestat de Lioncourt, Rex Lewis/Cobra Commander, 11-12

Family: Ivan (father, deceased)
Mother (deceased)
Marius (maker, alive)

Friends: Rex Lewis/Cobra Commander, Donny Donnowitz (kind of), Nicholas de Lenfent

Status: Inmate
Current Warden: Claire Bennet
Former Warden(s): Jason Bourne, T'Pol
Room: Level 4 - 004
His Room: Something about this size and style without all the terrible modern things of course. He has an armoire along one wall and his boots sit just in front of it. There's a desk along the wall the door is on but otherwise he has little furniture.

PB: (in musical) Drew Sarich, (in game) Aidan Turner

From When?: After he throws Lestat off the roof and is killed by his coven when he returns to the theatre. Rules are important shit.

Abilities/Powers: Armand would normally possess all of the powers and abilities that come with being a vampire. He has a supernatural strength and speed as well as the ability to heal wounds quickly. The only ways to kill him are sun and a blazing fire. But if he is burned by fire, his ashes must be scattered in order to completely kill him. But, his status as an inmate has severely dampened these. He still has retained about 50% of his vampiric strength (he would be able to lift a mortal, but unable to hold him/her there long) and his heightened hearing and smell reduced to a much smaller radius (of something closer to 25 feet rather than, well, miles), but his healing ability has been all been depleted. With his decrease in strength also comes a dramatic decrease in what would be his speed and grace, which have been lowered to the level of a mortal's (and not even a fast mortal's). But he still retains his sharp canines and sight in the darkness. However, in the non-supernatural area, he bears a certain charisma that he's especially proud of and uses to his advantage to manipulate others into doing his bidding. He's also a decent singer, having turned back to the arts after his coven was destroyed and can speak some Russian and Italian, albeit not as well as he once could.

Armand, throughout the musical searches for ways to manipulate and coerce those around him into his way of thinking. When Lestat and Gabrielle first arrive in the church, he tells them that just being there will cause them to be smited (smote? smoted?). He attempts to keep him under his control, under his reign of influence. In this way he's also a control freak in every sense of the term. His life spiraled so quickly out of control that he feels the need to overcompensate with his coven and push them into living in fear if it means that he can exert control over them. For him, it isn't so much the power trip but knowing that he is completely in charge of those around him. He attempts to do the same when Lestat mentions Marius at the end of the musical, the older vampire feels that the younger's words are unsettling, however truthful they might be, and, to avoid this, throws Lestat from the top of the theatre. But even despite his inevitable tendency to rule by fear, Armand enjoys utilizing his natural charisma to charm those around him. More often than not though, he loses his temper and resorts to fear and violence to get his way, such as with Lestat's death. He likes to believe, though, that he's charming enough on his own to call others to his side.

Armand strives, through his desire to control those around him, to meet his own strange sense of justice via revenge. His entire purpose in the musical is defined by his distinct and determined desire to destroy Lestat for taking away his coven, no matter what the cost. The deaths of Nicholas and Claudia have no real effect on Armand as he shows no remorse or mercy even as Louis begs him to spare her. His heart has become empty of love and the ability to feel empathy for those around him and this just further serves his drive for revenge, to right the wrongs committed against him in the past by finding some rhyme or reason in the present. Sympathy falls by the wayside with him and he would rather never turn another mortal than to have them potentially betray him at some later date and leave him empty, unfeeling, and alone. He instead preys upon the already-turned for disciples but finds only Marius and Lestat to be suitable long-term companions, despite the latter's tendency to undo everything he strives for. But, then again, Armand dishes it right back with equal force and cares a great deal less.

But, it's because of his age that Armand is especially intolerable. He believes himself to be superior to not only mortals but the immortals he finds himself in the company of as well. His hundreds of years of experience, however horrifying and traumatic they have been, count towards his intelligence and wit when they, in fact, don't. He's easily duped by Lestat on multiple occasions and tries to deny this and any other sympathies the younger vampire tries to push upon him. Again, violence tends to be Armand's natural reaction to those sorts of emotions, as he doesn't see the need for pity. It can only detriment his drive to seek out those who have wronged him in the world, and do little more than just anger him further. Unfortunately, Armand's fuse is incredibly short and it doesn't take much to set him off.

Armand at first will most likely believe that he didn't die and that his coven didn't kill him. However, if and when he finds out that he did indeed perish, he will most likely become irrationally angry and attempt to find someone to control. But they'll only be useful or interesting until they start to act against him. He doesn't deal well with rebellion and could very well resort to his brand of violence to settle the matter between him and his disciple. However, after some time, the vampire would instead begin to struggle with the idea of being subordinate to someone other than Marius. He hasn't been underneath anyone's foot in years upon years and doesn't plan on being in such a position any time soon. He's also likely to try and find any dirt on his warden so he can blackmail him/her into doing his bidding.

However, during his time on the Barge, Armand began to change in a few ways. Minorly, yes, but there was some change mostly through his relationship/obsession with Rex. He began to do something similar to caring for the mortal, to the extent that he attempted to turn him. His pride and desires to be above all others conflicted greatly with the bond he'd formed with the Commander. And despite his own obsession becoming a great deal of unhealthy, he found himself opening up and sharing pieces of his past that he wouldn't tell anyone else, displaying that he is indeed capable of empathy and that when approached properly by someone he trusts. Granted, it takes a long while for that trust to build but it can be done.

Nonetheless, he still has little care for life around him, as demonstrated through his slaughter of eight people in order to bring said corpses to Rex. He's more than willing to kill or cross moral lines on any front, no matter who might threaten him in any kind. If the Barge has given him anything, it's a deeper complacency in his strength despite losing a good deal of it when on board. He boasts about his strength even when in the Infirmary and will lie his way into a predator position, insisting on how perfect and powerful he is as a vampire on a ship full of mortals with pints and pints of blood. He rarely sees others as anything more than walking food sources, but what few friends (and boy are they limited) he has he is incredibly loyal to and will defend them should the need arise. Unless he's doing the hurting in the first place.

When he arrives back on the Barge, the first thing Armand will do is likely find Rex and re-establish dominance on board the ship, through fear and death if necessary. His warden will need to get on top of him as quickly as possible in order to keep him from dropping immediately back into his older habits. But he will no doubt claim that he chose to come back, for reasons he doesn't wish to explain to those on the Barge. Also, he will attempt to regain his coven as well through charms and promises. He's witnessed this during his time on the Barge as well and is more than willing to use and abuse those around him to get what he needs and more.

Path to Redemption: Armand could unfortunately take some working on. He's stubborn and believes himself above not only humans but other vampires as well. His warden would need to humble him, the more humiliating the better. He also needs to be kept from trying to manipulate people because the second he gets dirt on someone, he'll use it and abuse it like none other. His warden could, as such, restrict his journal use and try to keep him from weak-minded or weak-willed individuals. But, establishing a strong, non-sympathetic relationship would serve him better than someone who would pity him for his past.

[Armand's history is the book history until the point that the musical picks up, so a good summary of his pre-musical history would be here until he meets Lestat, which is where the musical and the books branch a little and separate.]

Armand was born in 1515 to a well-off, conservative and religious family in a Russian-speaking East Europe as Andrei. As a child, he witnessed various religious visions and painted them frequently. His skill so impressed his parents that they took him to a monastery where he was quickly chosen to paint images for he monastery's ruler Prince Michael. However, he was captured by Tartars (early Russians who lived in Siberia/Northern Russia) and taken to Constantinople where he was sold to a Venetian brothel. There, due to repeated rape and abuse, he lost all childhood memories of the point until Marius bought him and raised him a luxurious lifestyle. He was given everything his heart desired and re-named Amadeo.

However, despite the deep, unconditional love he feels for Marius, the latter doesn't feel it suitable to turn Armand at this point and hesitates in his decision to do so, period. In rebellion, Armand attracts the attention of a Lord Harlech and seduces him [Harlech] to his bed for a few nights before abandoning him. However, Harlech, overcome with an obsession with Armand, poisons him and eventually leaving Marius no choice but to turn Armand in order to save his life. Armand was in his late twenties at the time (He has been aged up to better fit with the musical) and did not spend much time with his maker as a vampire as Marius's home was attacked by a satanic cult under the leadership of a vampire Santino. They set Marius on fire and Armand for a long time believed him dead because of this. Armand and the others living there were then kidnapped and brought to the church where Armand later spent most of his life living under. His friends were burned alive in front of his eyes and starved him until he fed on his friends and the innocent children brought to him. He underwent this torture for five months until he was broken and agreed whatever the coven wanted with him. They decided that they wanted him for their leader and renamed him Armand. He led them for about two hundred years before he captured the vampire Lestat and his mother Gabrielle and brought them into the catacombs for the crime of walking in a church.

Lestat, though, when threatened with death, destroyed Armand's coven, telling them that they could live in the mortal world above despite the older vampire's attempts to persuade them otherwise. Armand threatened them and attempted to manipulate them into staying with him underground and living off of rats, but when they refused he kidnapped Lestat's lover Nicholas. With the violinist in his possession, he hard-pressed Lestat to turn Nicholas and in doing so, destroyed both of their lives. When Lestat went to journey in search of Marius to heal Nicholas, Armand visited him and tried to convince him to stop searching and instead to take companionship in him, that Nicholas was beyond reach. He nearly seduced Lestat before the younger vampire physically threw him off. Armand became enraged and returned to Paris to re-join his coven at the Theatre of the Vampires there. There, he could re-weave his web of lies and when Claudia and Louis fled to Paris from New Orleans, he easily caught them and questioned them repeatedly about their maker. When Lestat appeared on his doorstep, Armand couldn't help but torment him as he [Armand] killed Claudia for her attempt to murder Lestat and to destroy Lestat's life again, as Armand did not feel quite justified in his revenge.

After Claudia's death, Armand climbed to the roof to find Lestat and Louis in the middle of an exchange, scattering Claudia's ashes, and eventually Louis's departure from Lestat. Armand couldn't help but gloat and gloat and gloooooooooat at defeating Lestat. However, when the younger vampire brought up the subject of Marius, and his nickname of "sad child," Armand threw him from the roof of the theatre and left him there to die. When he returned inside to his coven, they killed him by leaving him to the sun, a similar punishment to the one he'd doled out on Claudia for the crime of killing her own kind.

This is an rp journal ala Lestat the musical. All rights belong to Anne Rice, Elton John, and co. This is just for fun.
Also, I don't own Aidan Turner and am not directly affiliated with him, Being Human, or John Mitchell. But confusion is totally allowed and encouraged. C:

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